Welcome back! We’re excited to be reopening our services to you.

In line with the current health restrictions we’re excited to allow walk-in attendance to our gym - no booking or time limits needed!
Please note that we will continue to have several safety measures in place on your visit to our gym.

We are also required to contact trace all visitors to our Centre.

Please learn more about contact tracing on our Centre Updates Page

The safety of our community is vital, so there will be a few changes when you arrive at the facility to keep us all safe and ensure we comply with Government restrictions.

In our Health Club these restrictions include:

  • Masks must be worn by all visitors and staff in our Centre except when swimming, eating, drinking or exercising. We ask that you ensure you wear your mask at all times in line with government restrictions
  • Towels are compulsory, please ensure you bring one to each gym session
  • We provide alcohol-based sanitisation wipes throughout our health and wellness facilities and ask all equipment is wiped down before and after use
  • Please bring a full water bottle for your workout – our drinking fountains remain closed currently
  • Access to our change rooms will be available, however we ask that you don’t use the change room unless essential to assist with our COVIDsafe requirements including patronage numbers and time limits

Memberships are currently on suspension, but members can Opt-In the reactivation of their memberships. If you’d like to reactivate your membership and haven’t yet received your reactivation email please email us at pklc.ymca@ymca.org.au

Gym Availability/Rates

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 6:00am - 12:00pm
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday Closed 

Note: Initial re-opening hours only. These may change in line with further easing of restrictions or to meet customer demand.

Gym Rates

  • $16.50 – Casual User Visi
  • $10.00 – Member User Visit
  • Membership Opt-In Reactivation is available – members should refer to their emails or email us at pklc.ymca@ymca.org.au

Note: we will confirm you hold a membership prior to, or on arrival to your booking


With the latest equipment, dedicated rooms, and qualified staff to assist, our gym will do wonders for your workout.

We have a large gym area and range of equipment to cater for all fitness levels and enough machines to keep you working, not waiting.

We have introduced the art Evolt360 Body Composition Scanner to our gym. Our Evolt360 Body Composition Scanner is a quick, non-invasive bioelectrical impedance measurement that can determine over 40 different metrics relating to body fat, lean muscle mass and visceral fat. This allows for targeted dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice plans to be developed. 

We also offer a smartphone solution for your workout! FitDesk has been designed to digitise our gym and provide you with everything you need on your phone.

FitDesk’s benefits include health club bookings, accessing your workout program, SMS and email reminders for your appointments and the option to create your own workout plan. FitDesk coupled with our gym staff will provide the best possible service to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Our gym facilities include:

  • Modern electronic, pin-loaded and free weight equipment
  • Cardio equipment with computerised screens, iPhone and USB attachments
  • Designated functional training space
  • Sound system and plasma screens
  • Evolt360 Body Composition Scanner
  • Morning child care sessions to give you time to work out
  • Personal Success Plan, to help you reach your goals

Whether you’re just kicking off your exercise plan or maintaining your fitness level, our friendly staff will keep you motivated and on track.

Our instructors will help to maximise your results with their focus on technique and safety. Visit our centre or call us on (03) 5446 9222 to book a tour of the centre or an appointment with one of our qualified trainers today.

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