Get active, get well, and get connected! Join in on one of our great group fitness classes today.

They key to staying motivated is to find something you enjoy and even enjoying it with others. This is why we offer a great range of group fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels at Peter Krenz Leisure Centre. Find a class that is suitable for you with our weekly classes across the group fitness room and aquatics space! If you cannot attend to a scheduled class, Fitness on Demand is available outside of all programmed class times.

Book online

Bookings are now via our new online customer portal, which you can access using the timetable below. Members will have automatically had an account created for them and you should have received an email on how reset your password - please do not create a new duplicate online account.

  • How to book your group fitness class visit
    1. Login to your online account using your email address and password
    2. You will automatically be directed to the 'Group Fitness' timetable which is located under 'Book'.
    3. Use the filter to select your service of interest ie group fitness or lap swimming                   
    4. Select 'Book'
    5. Select 'Book now'                  
      • Accounts with multiple payment plans will be prompted which individual they wish to register.
    6. Make payment (casuals only)
      • Pay for a single session via credit/debit card.

    Credit/debit card

    1. Enter your credit/debit card details.
    2. Make payment.
    3. You will receive an email confirming booking.
  • How to manage your group fitness or pool visit booking (cancel booking)
    1. Login
      • Use your email and password.
    2. Cancel booking
      • Navigate to 'My Bookings'
      • Select 'Cancel Booking'

    Casuals/multi-visits: Cancellations made no later than 30 minutes before your booking will result in a credit being added to your online customer account.

    Credits can be found by navigating to 'Shop' and then 'My purchases'.

    Bookings cannot be cancelled after your booking or less than 30 minutes prior and are not allocated a credit.

  • Guidelines
    • Be early, late entry is not permitted
    • Be prepared with your workout gear, towel and water bottle
    • Be respectful and supportive of your fellow participants and our talented instructors
    • Be upfront with your instructor about any physical limitations or injuries you may have, especially if you're pregnant
    • Let the instructor know if it’s your first time in a fitness class
    • The minimum age to attend group fitness is 13 years
    • The minimum age to attend Adrenaline HIT is 18 years
    • If you need to leave early, do so in a way that won’t impact others or the flow of the class
    • Put equipment away after the class
  • Prices
    Take a look at our prices page.

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