Get active, get well, and get connected! Join in on one of our great group fitness classes today.

They key to staying motivated is to find something you enjoy and even enjoying it with others. This is why we offer a great range of group fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels at Peter Krenz Leisure Centre.

Find a class that is suitable for you with our weekly classes across the group fitness room and aquatics space! If you cannot attend to a scheduled class, Fitness on Demand is available outside of all programmed class times.

Get involved today!
Accessing our group fitness classes has never been easier!

Book in advance online
Our online booking system is now available. Bookings open three days in advance to help you plan ahead. Both members and casual customers can use this system. Book via the “Book now” button below.

For support on booking or modifying your booking, please see our support guide.

Arrive on the day ahead of your class

Prefer to arrive earlier for your class? Whether it is planned or spontaneous, we are here to welcome you to our group fitness classes.
Simply arrive 10-15 minutes prior to a class and request a booking. You will be able to attend the class, as long as we’re not booked out. This option is available for our members and casual customers with over-the-counter payment options available where applicable.


Check out the upcoming classes on our timetable below:

The safety of our community is vital and we have a number of measures in place to ensure your safe enjoyment in our group fitness programming. In group fitness these safety measures include:

  • COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures apply in line with Government restrictions. You can learn about these safety measures on our COVID-19 updates page;
  • towels are compulsory when working out in our facility, please ensure you bring one to all group fitness classes;
  • we provide alcohol-based sanitisation wipes throughout our health and wellness facilities - we ask that all equipment is wiped down by customers in between use;
  • please make sure you bring a full water bottle to your workout to ensure you always remain hydrated;
  • we ask anyone attending Body Balance, Pilates or Yoga classes to bring their own mat;
  • please make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of the class commencement time, late entry to classes is not permitted.

Read our group fitness classes descriptions

Group fitness classes
  • Guidelines
    • Be early, late entry is not permitted
    • Be prepared with your workout gear, towel and water bottle
    • Be respectful and supportive of your fellow participants and our talented instructors
    • Be upfront with your instructor about any physical limitations or injuries you may have, especially if you're pregnant
    • Let the instructor know if it’s your first time in a fitness class
    • The minimum age to attend group fitness is 13 years
    • The minimum age to attend Adrenaline HIT is 18 years
    • If you need to leave early, do so in a way that won’t impact others or the flow of the class
    • Put equipment away after the class
  • Prices
    Take a look at our prices page.

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