​​​​​FEES AND CHARGES (effective Monday 1st July 2019)

​​Casual Admission Fees

Recreational ​​Swimming Admissions

Casu​​al Admission

Conces​​sion Admission​

Adult Swim​​$6.80$4.70
Child U/16 Swim​​​$4.70 
Family Swim (2 adults, 2 - 4 children)$19.00 

Health and​​ Wellness Admi​​​ssions​

Health Club Casual Entry​​$16.50$13.80
Group Fitness Casual Entry$12.50$9.50
Walking Group Entry$5.00 ​

Swim​​​ming Le​ssons Membership​

​Fortnightly Di​rect Debit

First child$31.20
All students can access the pools outside of class times as part of their membership​

Memb​ership Options​​​

Fortnightly Di​rect Debit

​Joi​​​​​​ning ​Fee​

Health and Wellness (1, 2, 3)$40.00$40.00
Health and Wellness Concession (1, 2, 3)$32.00$40.00​
Aquatic (2, 3)$19.60$40.00
Aquatic Concession (2, 3)$15.40$40.00
Aquatic Junior (U/16) (2)$15.40$40.00
Pryme Movers (1)$25.00$40.00
Teen Gym (1)$23.40$40.00


(1) Access to Health Club, Group Fitness, Individualized Exercise Programs
(2) Access to all pools  
(3) Complimentary access to spa and steam room
For more information about our memberships or our Centre's facilities, please call our Customer Service Staff on (03) 5446 9222